Edinburgh’s Leaflet Printer

Leaflets are the most flexible of all the items we print. They are used by a wide range of customers across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. Businesses that use leaflets include hotels, restaurants, gardeners, take-aways, beauty salons, makeup artists, bars amongst a great many others.  

Leaflets are used for door-to-door promotions, menus, price lists, promotions, instructions, directions, timetables and more.

We have a huge range of leaflets stocks and specifications

  • A range of leaflets weights from 80gsm to 190gsm
  • Uncoated, silk, gloss and recycled paper finishes
  • Flat and folded finishes
  • Standard folds including Roll, Z and Cross fold
  • Custom folds including concertina and business card

Want a heavier leaflet? Try our range on the flyer page.

50 from £28

150gsm Gloss leaflets image

150gsm Gloss

250 from £32

115gsm Gloss leaflets image

115gsm Gloss

250 from £24

100gsm recycled leaflets image

100gsm Recycled

250 from £24